Little Girls Black Dresses

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Get ready to dazzle in style with our roundup of Little Girls Black Dresses. In this article, we’ve curated a selection of stunningly designed and high-quality dresses that are perfect for any special occasion. From weddings to formal events, these dresses will make your little one feel like royalty. Read on, and let your little girl’s inner princess shine!

The Top 5 Best Little Girls Black Dresses

  1. Rhinestone-Trimmed Sleeveless Skater Dress for Little Girls — Dazzle little fashionistas with the Speechless Girls 7–16 Skater Dress, featuring a 95% polyester, 5% spandex blend, rhinestone trimmed neckline, and over-the-knee length for a chic, party-ready look suitable for special occasions.
  2. Adorable Little Girls’ Black Mini Dress with Puff Sleeves — This Bardot Junior Girls’ Giselle Mini Dress in Black Size 5 features a mini length design, puff sleeves, concealed back zip, and all-over stitch detailing, making it a perfect choice for little and big kids alike.
  3. Comfortable Twirl-Worthy Little Girls’ Dress in Black — A twirl-worthy, comfortable little black dress that effortlessly moves with your child, while featuring moisture-wicking technology for added comfort.
  4. Trendy Little Girls Black Asymmetric Ruffle Dress — Bring a touch of timeless elegance to your little girl’s wardrobe with the Zunie Kids’ Tiered Ruffle Black Dress, featuring exceptional craftsmanship and designed to captivate on any special occasion.
  5. Sparkly lace embellished chiffon romper for little girls — Stun at parties in the Speechless Little & Big Girls Sleeveless Party Dress, a dazzling 4.6-rated mix of lace, chiffon, and jewelry, perfect for tween girls aged 7–16.

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Rhinestone-Trimmed Sleeveless Skater Dress for Little Girls

Rhinestone-Trimmed Sleeveless Skater Dress for Little Girls | Image

As a reviewer, I must say that the Speechless Girls 7–16 Skater Dress with Rhinestone Trim in black is a stunning addition to any little girl’s wardrobe. I have firsthand experience with this dress, having used it for a special occasion. The unique blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex made it comfortable and easy to wear, while the zipper closure made slipping into the dress a breeze.

One of the standout features for me was the rhinestone trim at the neckline, which added an elegant touch of sparkle. The square neckline perfectly complemented the sleeveless design, and the over-the-knee length added a playful touch to the party dress aesthetic. However, I did find the hand-wash-only care instructions a little disappointing, as it meant I had to be extra cautious when cleaning the dress.

Overall, my experience with this skater dress was overwhelmingly positive, and I have no doubt that it will continue to impress both the little girl wearing it and the onlookers. The balance of style, comfort, and affordability make it a worthy addition to any young fashionista’s collection.

Adorable Little Girls’ Black Mini Dress with Puff Sleeves

Adorable Little Girls' Black Mini Dress with Puff Sleeves | Image

Dress shopping can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to our kids — especially if they’re like my 8-year-old who has strong opinions on what they wear. That’s where the Bardot Junior Girls’ Giselle Mini Dress comes in handy. One of the key features that stood out for me, was the concealed back zip. It’s a hidden gem that makes dressing up a little cutie much less stressful. But, like many things, there’s a catch — my daughter, bless her heart, didn’t quite see the style potential.

The puff sleeves, although cute, felt a bit frilly for her liking. She preferred something less “puffy” and more “minimal” according to her. On the positive side, the dress is perfectly sized for little ones. Its mini length is a big plus for themed parties or special events where they want to fit right in. Plus, the fabric composition is a blend of polyester and nylon — it’s comfortable and robust enough to last through many playdates. However, I found the lining to be of less quality. It got a bit wrinkly after the first wash, which for a child’s dress is not ideal.

In conclusion, while the Bardot Junior Girls’ Giselle Mini Dress scored high on quality and sizing, it didn’t quite meet my little girl’s fashion taste. But hey, that’s part of the fun of dressing up our kids, right? Each dress has its own unique flair that you can experiment with!

Comfortable Twirl-Worthy Little Girls’ Dress in Black

Comfortable Twirl-Worthy Little Girls' Dress in Black | Image

I recently tried on The Children’s Place Girls Ponte Knit Everyday Dress in size 4 and black, and it was a delightful experience. The dress is made of a high-quality ponte knit fabric, which combines polyester, rayon, and spandex for a comfortable and stylish fit. I loved how the pleats and elasticized waist add a touch of elegance to the dress, making it perfect for school and play.

One of the best things about this dress is that it’s easy to put on and take off, and it stays in place all day. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology are an added bonus, ensuring my daughter stays comfortable whether she’s running around the playground or lounging at home.

However, I did notice a couple of cons. First, the size seemed to be slightly smaller than expected. Although I usually wear a size 4, this particular dress felt a bit snug. Secondly, I found that the collar might not be the best choice for my daughter’s preference, as she is not a fan of collars.

Overall, The Children’s Place Girls Ponte Knit Everyday Dress is a charming and comfortable option for little girls. With its elegant design and practical features, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite among parents and kids alike.

Trendy Little Girls Black Asymmetric Ruffle Dress

Trendy Little Girls Black Asymmetric Ruffle Dress | Image

When my little one put on this Zunie ruffle dress, it felt like she transformed into a miniature princess. The asymmetric design and tiered ruffles added a playful yet elegant touch to her outfit. The material was surprisingly comfortable for her, thanks to the 96% polyester and 4% spandex blend. I was surprised by the level of craftsmanship behind the dress, which was evident in its well-made, smooth seams.

On the downside, the dress does require hand washing, which can be a bit of a hassle, but its durability and high-quality construction make it well worth the extra effort. The adjustable shoulder straps ensure a snug fit, and it can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Overall, this delightful little dress has become a staple in our wardrobe, and I highly recommend it to any parent looking for a stylish and well-made dress for their child.

Sparkly lace embellished chiffon romper for little girls

Sparkly lace embellished chiffon romper for little girls | Image

When I first tried on this sparkly Speechless Little & Big Girls Sleeveless Party Dress in black, I was speechless myself! The all-over lace fabrication and elegant halter neckline gave it a sense of elegance that belied its playful, party-ready nature. The jeweled waistline added a touch of glamour, while the cut-out detail at both the front and back bodice made for a fun, flirty touch.

Wearing this dress made me feel confident and ready to take on any special occasion, whether it was a birthday celebration or a formal event. The dress ran true to size, and the chiffon walk-through design made it easy to move in, even on the dance floor.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks. The care instructions suggested hand wash only, which added an extra step to my laundry routine. Additionally, the dress arrived with wrinkles that needed to be steamed out before it was ready to wear.

Overall, though, I was thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship and style of this Speechless Little & Big Girls Sleeveless Party Dress. It proved to be the perfect accessory for any special occasion, and the joy it brought to my little one made it all worth it.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a little girls black dress, there are many factors to consider. From the fabric to the style, making sure your little one looks and feels her best is essential. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss important features, considerations, and general advice to help you make the perfect choice for your little girl.



The fabric of a little girls black dress is crucial for its comfort, durability, and appearance. Some popular options to consider include cotton, polyester, and silk. Cotton is breathable and easy to care for, but it can be less formal. Polyester is durable and wrinkle-resistant, making it an excellent choice for dressier occasions. Silk is luxurious and lightweight, but it can be more delicate and requires special care.


Ensuring the right fit is essential when selecting a little girls black dress. Measure your child’s waist and length from neck to waist. Consider the garment’s design elements, such as the sleeves and skirt length, and choose a dress that allows for growth. It’s also essential to consider the dress’s overall style, as some designs may be more forgiving than others. Be sure to consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer for a better fit.


Style and Design

Little girls black dresses come in various styles and designs, from simple and elegant to decorative and ornate. Consider the occasion when purchasing a dress; for more formal events, opt for a classic, elegant style. For playtime or less formal gatherings, consider a dress with more embellishments or a fun, whimsical design.

Price and Value

While it’s essential to consider the price, don’t compromise on your child’s comfort and safety. Look for dresses that offer good value for the price, ensuring that the fabric, design, and overall quality are suitable for your little girl. Be cautious of sales or promotions, as they may not always offer the best quality or durability. Invest in a dress that your child will wear multiple times, as it can save you money in the long run.



What is the significance of a black dress for little girls?

A black dress for little girls can be significant in various ways. For one, it allows them to express their individuality and style as they grow older, providing them with a versatile piece of clothing that they can wear to different occasions. Additionally, a well-fitted black dress can make a little girl feel confident and elegant, boosting her self-esteem and confidence.

Moreover, black is a timeless color that can be paired with various accessories, shoes, and jewelry, allowing the little girl to mix and match her outfits easily. A black dress is also a classic choice for formal events, weddings, and special occasions, making it a worthwhile investment for parents.


What are the different styles available for little girls’ black dresses?

There are several styles available for little girls’ black dresses, each with its unique charm and aesthetics. Some of the most popular styles include the following:

  1. A-line dresses, which flare out from the waist and hips, providing a classic and feminine look;
  2. Sheath dresses, which fit close to the body, creating a sleek and sophisticated appearance;
  3. Empire line dresses, which feature a seam that cuts across the natural waistline, accentuating the waist and hiding the tummy.

Other styles may include tiered or wrap dresses, which add a playful touch to the outfit, and strapless or cap sleeves, depending on the preference of the little girl and her parents. There are also options for mini or midi lengths, which can be suitable for different ages and events, as well as long or maxi dresses for a more formal touch.

What materials are commonly used for little girls’ black dresses?

Several materials can be used for little girls’ black dresses, each with its unique properties and benefits. Some of the most popular materials include the following:

  1. Polyester and cotton blends, which offer great durability, versatility, and a comfortable feel. 2. Silk, which is a luxurious and elegant material that drapes beautifully on the body and is perfect for formal occasions.

Other materials that may be used for little girls’ black dresses include rayon, rayon blends, and various synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or acetate. Each material comes with its unique benefits and drawbacks, such as breathability, durability, or ease of care, so parents should choose the one that best suits their little girl’s needs and preferences.


How should you measure your little girl for a black dress?

To measure your little girl for a black dress, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Use a soft measuring tape, which won’t snag her clothing or pull her hair. 2. Ensure she’s wearing comfortable and form-fitting undergarments, to get an accurate measurement of her size. 3. Measure her bust, waist, and hips, using the measuring tape to circle each measurement point.

For accuracy, use a tape that’s flexible and doesn’t tighten too much around her body. You can also measure her length by placing her foot on the floor and noting the distance from the floor to the top of her head, or where her hairline ends. Remember to take several measurements to get an accurate average, and to consider her growth rate when purchasing a dress.

What are some tips for accessorizing a little girl’s black dress?

Accessorizing a little girl’s black dress can be an exciting and fun process, as it allows her to express her personality and style. Here are some tips for accessorizing:

  1. Choose shoes that complement her dress, such as a pair of black or nude heels or a playful pair of Mary Jane or ballet flats. 2. Add a touch of glamour with a cute and coordinating handbag or clutch, which can be carried or worn around her shoulder.
  2. Select statement jewelry pieces, such as a dainty necklace, a pair of chic earrings, or a pretty bangle, to add a touch of sparkle and sophistication. You can also consider stacking bracelets or adding a cute hair clip for a more playful touch. 4. Finally, don’t forget about the power of hair accessories, such as headbands, bows, or braids, to enhance her look and finish off the outfit.

What are some maintenance tips for keeping a little girl’s black dress in good condition?

To keep a little girl’s black dress in good condition, you’ll need to follow these simple tips:

  1. Read and follow the care label instructions on the dress, which may include washing, drying, or ironing instructions specific to the material used in the dress. 2. Spot clean any stains or spills promptly, using a mild detergent and a damp cloth, and avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, which can damage the fabric.
  2. Store the dress properly when not in use, by hanging it on a hanger or folding it neatly in a drawer, away from direct sunlight or heat sources, which can cause fading or degradation of the fabric. 4. Consider using a fabric protector spray or a silicone-based solution to help repel stains and prevent the dress from shrinking or fading over time. Proper maintenance will ensure that the little girl’s black dress remains in great condition for her to enjoy for years to come.

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